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It's Time to Transition Leaders

Outgoing Leaders   Incoming Leaders


The deadline to request off-campus fundraising approval for the 2024-2025 academic year has been extended to Monday, June 17, 2024.

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Elections and Transitions

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Best Practices for VSO Leadership Elections & Transitions

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  • Follow all guidelines on the OSE website.
  • Outgoing leaders (or an independent election commissioner affiliated or unaffiliated with the org) should be responsible for the actions below:
    • Communicate who is eligible to run for a leadership position and who is eligible to vote (e.g., org members) in accordance with the org constitution
    • Communicate how many positions candidates can run for, what will happen in the case of a tie (e.g., run-off), etc.
    • Set guidelines around candidate campaigns and communications to voters (e.g., word limits for platforms, time limits for speeches, etc.)
    • Inform prospective candidates well in advance of elections (e.g., 2-3 weeks) so they have time to reflect on and prepare for running
    • Provide ample time (e.g., 1 week) for voters to cast their ballots (especially for students in different time zones who cannot attend meetings live)
    • Consider using the CardinalEngage platform for elections (consult with an OSE staff member or intern if you need help)
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Leave of Absence & Flex Term

  • Students on leave of absence cannot vote
  • Students on leave of absence cannot run for a position if it begins in their LOA quarter
  • Students on leave of absence can run for a position if they enroll or flex term for the quarter in which the position begins
  • Students who are enrolled or on flex term can vote and run for a position
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  • Outgoing leaders should be responsible for orienting incoming leaders at least 2-3 weeks before the end of their terms (especially if senior leaders are graduating)
  • Topics that outgoing leaders should cover during transition meetings with incoming leaders:
    • Annual org registration in CardinalEngage
    • Introduction to group, advisors, etc.
    • Introduction and access to resources (email, drive, Slack, OSE website, VSO Slack, etc.)
    • Mission, purpose, goals, events, history, constitution of org
    • Finances
      • Budget
      • GrantEd
      • ASSU
      • TSF (if applicable)
    • Recruitment
      • Activities Fairs
    • Tips for running effective meetings and events
      • Reminder to meet with OSE 3 months prior for major events and events with minors
    • Ongoing/future quality improvement projects
    • Contact information for outgoing leadership (should be available for questions)
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