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Cardinal Nights: Disco Skate Night, 2024. Credit: Anthony Chen/Ethography
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Find what you need to grow. 

To educate and empower students to create unique co-curricular experiences, meaningful relationships, and lifelong memories. We strive to bring joy and enrichment to the social experience and provide opportunities for students to find what they need to grow.

Campus scenes, 2023. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Resources for campus events, safety, and well-being

During a time of heightened anxiety and concern in light of events in Israel and Gaza, we are committed to providing for the safety and well-being of the campus community. 

Rodolfo Dirzo and Study abroad class. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Stanford Student Organization Travel

Student groups traveling on behalf of Stanford must follow all university policies. Here you can view the most recent policies and plan accordingly. 

Vector night bright starry sky and moon. Credit: Andrii Tokarchuk / iStock

Cardinal Nights

Cardinal Nights offers premiere, affordable, substance-free programming for students to gather, engage and have fun. Driven by what students want to do, we offer late-night, on campus programs such as arcade nights, movie screenings, trivia, casino nights, comedy and more. We also offer our off campus Explore the Bay series including traveling to popular Bay Area destinations, theaters, and sporting events.

Cardinal Nights: Disco Skate Night, 2024. Credit: Anthony Chen/Ethography