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It's Time to Transition Leaders

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OSE is here to help you be an effective student organization leader. You will find this site useful for you and your other student organization leaders. Join us in our work of supporting: inclusivity, equity, collaboration, respect, and balance.

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Important Things You Need to Know

  • Getting Started. Student organization values and early steps in getting started.

  • Advising. OSE Interns and full-time professional staff are here to help. Our OSE Interns are usually the first stop in our advising.
  • Annual Registration and Recognition. Expectations and steps for the university's annual registration and recognition process.
  • Funding. All you need to know about funding on and off-campus.
  • Student Organization Privileges. University and ASSU services available to recognized student organizations.
  • Workshops. An overview of available workshops and training opportunities.

Dormant Status and Renewal

What does it mean for an organization to be considered “dormant?”

 Student in main quad with Hoover Tower in background. Images for Stanford 125th photo merge project. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Elections and Transitions

Best Practices for VSO Leadership Elections & Transitions. 

Student Engagement Fair. Credit: Unknown

Framework for Non-Student Involvement in Voluntary Student Organizations

Student organizations have long sought the counsel and expertise of various non-student advisors, instructors, coaches, and community members (“non-students”). Involvement in Voluntary Student Organizations is a privilege afforded on the expectation that certain expectations are met.

 New found friends accompany one another to explore campus after registration for Admit Weekend. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

VSO Annual Registration

All student organizations must be registered with the university in order to be a recognized student organization able to operate in the name of Stanford and use university and ASSU resources.