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The deadline to request off-campus fundraising approval for the 2024-2025 academic year has been extended to Monday, June 17, 2024.

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The Stanford Fund Partnership Program Application Process

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Here you can view deadlines as well as application steps. 

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Application Timeline - Winter/Spring 2024

(For funding for the 2024-2025 Academic Year)

Please make sure to thoroughly read the TSFPP dates and deadlines below:

  • February 26: STARS Training and Application Opens
  • April 10: Application Closes at 11:59 PM. 
    • FOs must complete STARS training and submit an application on GrantEd for feedback and review by OSE.
    • Applications not submitted by this date will not be considered.
  • April 11 - April 19: OSE Review Period
    • By Friday, April 19, OSE will review and may return your application to make revisions.
  • April 11 - April 26: Revision Period
    • Once your application is returned to make modifications, you will have until April 26th to do so. 
    • TSF and OSE aim to help VSO get the maximum benefit from their application, and we ask that you make any requested revisions in a timely manner.
  • April 26: Final Application Due at 11:59 PM
    • You must submit your final application with the requested revisions made. No changes to the application will be accepted after this date along with no late applications.
  • Week of May 13 - Notification of Funding Allocations
    • The partnership program coordinator will reach out to you regarding program expectations.

For questions about the funding application, please e-mail

Application Steps

  1. Decide if your org's need aligns with the Partnership program and meets criteria. 
  2. Complete the TSF Partnership Program STARS training learning module: Your org's FO must complete this to understand the overall application process, stewardship, and partnership. Completing the training will also grant you access to the application on GrantEd.
  3. Submit your application on GrantEd: You can attend office hours if you have any questions. Once you submit your application, you will receive feedback and be requested to make revisions. 
  4. Make Revisions: Make revisions based on feedback from OSE staff. If you need additional guidance attend OSE intern office hours.
  5. Resubmit the Application with Revisions Made on GrantEd
  6. You will be contacted by the Office of Development and The Stanford Fund about engagement and volunteering opportunities. Once your funding has been approved, the Partnership Program Coordinator will reach out about engagement and volunteer opportunities for the broader Stanford community. 
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Application Tips

  • Be strategic about who you ask for funding (Tip 1): Partnership Program funding can be used as either a supplemental or exhaustive resource for your group; however, as it is a limited fund be sure to consider all of your options and strategically use both ASSU and TSF funding and others.
  • Check Criteria (Tip 2): We want to ensure that all types of groups have access to the fund, but be sure to make sure that your org and your funding requests meet our criteria. Look at the Partnership Program Criteria for overall requirements and to see all of the activities/programs we fund.
  • Adequately plan out your budget and reference our guidelines when thinking through requests (Tip 3): Please request all funding rounded to the nearest dollar. You will have to submit a detailed request breakdown for each activity and program and its corresponding requested funds in your application. In addition, think through your volunteering timeline and options to ensure an overall positive partnership during the year!
  • Open communication! (Tip 4): When in doubt, reach out and talk to OSE staff - both when applying to the Partnership Program or during! We are open to working with our student groups and want to ensure that this funding can best be used to meet your needs! If you have changes throughout the year or uncertainties - just email or talk to us!