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Event Planning Guide

Advertising and Publicity

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Policy Details

  • Advertising cannot occur until the event has been approved and the facility has been confirmed.
  • All publicity materials must clearly identify the on-campus sponsor.
  • The name of the campus sponsor must be the most prominent copy.
  • Any off-campus sponsor must be approved in the advance and should be included in smaller type and in a less prominent spot.
  • All marketing materials for events, especially public events should have a statement about how to request accommodations. The following statement should be used: If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please contact: Sheila Sanchez/Diversity and Access Office at (650) 725-0326 or email: Requests should be made by _____ (date usually at least one week in advance of the event)


Event Planning Guidelines

Recognized student organizations have the privilege of sponsoring events in the name of Stanford provided that they follow university policy, stay true to their approved mission and scope and work in close coordination with the university. 

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  • Campus kiosks.
  • Bulletin boards in or outside that are posted for general posting. Please note that many departments do not permit unrelated materials on their bulletin boards.
  • The sides of the blocks in White Plaza.
  • Postings that comply with the Banners, Fliers and Posters provision in the Residence Agreement.

Not Permissible

  • Banners hung on building walls (including Hoover Tower) or between trees.
  • Flyers posted on building doors, building windows, campus street signs, trees, trash cans, or paved walking surfaces.
  • Flyers taped to the ground in White Plaza or anywhere else on campus.
  • Flyers posted in the residences that are not in compliance with the residence's posting policy.
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