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Stanford Student Organization Travel

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Student groups traveling on behalf of Stanford must follow all university policies. Here you can view the most recent policies and plan accordingly. 

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  • Updated: 09.12.23
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Please note these policies are subject to change based on current public health guidelines.


Prior to booking any domestic or international travel on behalf of the University, including your student groups, it is required that you follow the travel process outlined below.

In order to be in alignment with:

Travel that impacts class attendance and other academic requirements must be pre-approved with your student group faculty/staff advisor, including the Office of Student Engagement, as well as the impacted faculty for approval.

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Domestic Travel Policies

Domestic travel, including overnight travel, for student groups representing Stanford University is permitted. Travel, in the name of your student group, must be aligned with the pre-approved scope of activities in your constitution on file with OSE in CardinalEngage.

The student leader is responsible for

  • Collecting the university waiver from each participant prior to departure, if traveling outside the 150-mile radius.
  • Making sure that participants do not exceed the capacity of the lodging (hotel, AirBnb, etc.). Any damages will be billed to the participants.
  • Confirming the funds are in your account with your financial officer prior to making any financial commitments.
  • Making it clear with participants, prior to departure, who bears responsibility in covering travel costs.

Travel Requirements

Adventure Trips



  • Anyone driving on behalf of Stanford must have a current, valid driver's license and proof of comprehensive automobile insurance.
  • When renting automobiles, the university requires purchasing additional comprehensive automobile and liability insurance provided by the rental company.
  • When traveling, the student organization should maintain a list of the driver's name, phone number, and occupants for each car, the general itinerary of the trip, and the name and phone number of an official emergency contact on campus.
  • Student organizations are prohibited from renting or operating 15+ passenger vans. 10 or 12-passenger vans (driver included) are permitted.


Hotel and Flights

  • Contingent to your organization having funding, if your student organization is paying for your travel, the individual or group organizer is required to fill out one of the forms below to book flights and/or hotel. Please fill out the form only once for the group per trip; not every traveler needs to fill out the form.

Rideshare/Ground Transportation: Uber

  • We have partnered with Uber to facilitate financing rides taken for VSO activities. All VSO members are eligible to enroll in the program to directly charge the VSO account for pre-approved rides, thus removing the need for reimbursement of personal funds. To sign up each member for access to this portal, please follow the directions by downloading the Uber guide to add members.
  • Once enrolled, you will be directly billed to your ASSU account when using Uber on behalf of your student organization.
  • Note: Utilize your existing Uber app to access the “Stanford Student Organization” account. Joining the “Stanford Student Organization” will automatically create an OSE/ASSU profile in-your existing Uber account. You can then toggle between the OSE/ASSU profile and your personal profile within the same Uber app. 
  • If you already have an Uber account, please do not create a new Uber account. Accounts with your non-Stanford personal email can be linked to this program. The OSE/ASSU profile will attach to your existing account. If you do not have an Uber account,  please set one up in order to join the “Stanford Student Organizations” account.  

Create Uber account

  •  We will continue to monitor other alternatives for rideshare/ground transportation. 


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International Travel

Limited international travel for voluntary student organizations representing Stanford University for conferences, events and competitions, will be permitted with registration and approval from the Office of Student Engagement at least a month prior to departure. Any unregistered travel will not be reimbursed by your ASSU account retroactively. Travel, in the name of your student group, must be aligned with the pre-approved scope of activities in your constitution on file with OSE in CardinalEngage. We will continue to monitor the situation, in the event we need to offer additional guidance, including travel restrictions.

International Travel Programs Sponsored Abroad. The university does not permit any student groups to sponsor new on-going international travel programs abroad because of the level of resources needed to manage them is beyond the scope of a voluntary student organization.  This means that Stanford will not approve new student group proposals that are based on any form of international travel abroad. Other Stanford groups can not sponsor international travel programs to another country unless fully vetted and approved on rare occasion.

International Travel While Representing Stanford. Students that are members of student groups and traveling to perform or compete may travel but must follow all University guidelines for international travel and actively consult with OSE prior to confirming trip (including booking of any travel). All participants must sign University waivers.

Per the International Travel Policy, Stanford student groups are prohibited to travel to countries or regions and locations within a country where International SOS risk rating (either the medical risk or travel risk) is “High” or “Extreme,” or where there is other reliable information of significant health or safety risks for either the country destination, or for the particular region or location of intended travel within the country destination, or where there is other reliable information of significant health or safety risks. A location’s International SOS medical and travel risk ratings may be found here.

The participant is responsible for

The student leader is responsible for

  • Registering your travel in CardinalEngage.
  • Collecting the university waiver from each participant prior to departure, if traveling outside the 150-mile radius.
  • Making sure that participants do not exceed the capacity of the lodging (hotel, AirBnb, etc.). Any damages will be billed to the participants.
  • Confirming the funds in your account with your financial officer prior to making any financial commitments. 
    • International travel approval will require you to budget at least a 15% contingency fund as part of your confirmed funds. 
  • Communicating clearly to traveling participants, prior to departure, who is responsible financially, the VSO or the individual traveler, that bears responsibility in covering unanticipated travel costs, including those related to the pandemic, visa/passport delays, etc. This includes being clear for any off-campus isolation required for students who develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 or any other health related issue while traveling. Stanford University or the ASSU will not cover any of these travel expenses.
    • Note: Please see Travel Requirements above for booking travel.