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Sources of On-Campus Funding

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Alternative Sources of On-campus Funding

WebsiteAward RangeNotes/Req's
ASSU Grants (Annual/Standard)VariesApplication, interview, and student body approval required. ASSU should be the last source of funding after VSOs have exhausted all other on-campus funding sources.
Bechtel International Center's Billie Achilles FundUp to $1,000 per event or up to $3,000/yearRequirements: Registered VSO with an international focus (fostering cultural exchange). Open to the entire campus. 
Bingham Fund for Student Innovation in Human Biology$100 - $3,000 per projectFor HumBio majors only for student-led projects. 
Black Community Services CenterVariesSupports activities that touch on the African-American Diaspora. Contact the Asst. Director or Director. Click this link to complete the funding request form
Dialogue Grant ProgramUp to $500, Maximum of $20 per person based on attendance estimate.Requirements: Must be a project led by Stanford community members involving a dialogue (two-way transfer of knowledge) on exploration related to identity, diversity, inclusion, belonging, equity, and the lived experience of Stanford community members.
DIF: Diversity and Inclusion innovation FundsUP to $5,000DIF is a program that supports Stanford graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in the development of a project that will advance diversity within those populations. 
Neighborhood FundingVariesA dorm RA or neighborhood council representative must submit proposals. 
Haas Center: Cardinal Commitment GrantsVaries. Please refer to this website.For community service groups and individual service commitment projects. Please refer to this link for further information on how to apply to Cardinal Commitment Grants.  
Haas Center: Event Co-Sponsorship$250 - $500Must align with Haas Center's mission: to realize a just and sustainable world through service, scholarship, and community partnerships. Only funds one-time events related to community service. Contact Pete Cerneka for advising and more details.
Hillel @ Stanford$0 - $180Events must relate to Jewish religious/cultural life or interfaith work. Contact Asst. Director
Hoover InstitutionUp to $5,000 per group per yearOpen to undergraduate students for policy-oriented programming that aligns with the mission of the Hoover Institution.
Human Centered Artificial Intelligence Student Affinity GroupsUp to $1,000 per year for quarterly or bi-weekly gatheringsRequirements: Groups must have a faculty member and students from two or more disciplines with a shared interest in a topic related to human-centered AI. 
Mel Lane Student GrantsGrants typically range from $500 to $1,500 with a maximum of $3,000Funds projects that offer a measurable impact on an environmental issue through direct activity - including educational activities - or applied research.
Native American Community Center$50 - $100For educational and cultural programming. Support from additional sponsors is a plus.
Office of the Vice President for the Arts$250 - $5000 per year for VSOs. $150 - $300 per year for individual studentsRequirements: For VSOs, the project must be led by at least one student and registered/approved on CardinalEngage. For individual students, this project is extracurricular and does not fulfill academic requirements. 
Other VSOsVariesCollaborate with related student groups for cosponsorships. Contact OSE or consult the VSO roster for leadership information.
Queer Student ResourcesVariesActivities must help LGBTQ students thrive at Stanford. Contact QuEst at
School of EngineeringUp to $5,000 per group per yearOpen to student groups with Engineering focus
SPICE: Student Projects for Intellectual Community EnhancementUp to $5,000SPICE funds support graduate students' efforts to build and expand their intellectual communities at Stanford.
Stanford Concert NetworkUp to $1,500 per quarter for one VSOCo-sponsors events and concerts. Provides limited but affordable technical services. Please click this link to apply. 
The Stanford Fund Partnership (TSF)Ranges. Max of $10,000Application requests are submitted to OSE through GrantEd. VSOs are expected to participate in various volunteer opportunities developed with the Partnership Program Coordinator once funding is received. 
Stanford Speakers Bureau$1,500 per VSO per quarter, up to $3,000 per group per yearCo-sponsors speaker events, funds used for speaker honoraria. View more information here. 

Graduate Student VSO Eligible-only Funding

WebsiteAward RangeNotes/Req's
SMSA Stanford school of medicineVariesProposals are subjected to SMSA treasurer approval. VSO’s must be registered with OSE and applications take place each September in the fiscal year. Please see this website for more information.
SPIF fund Stanford School of MedicineVariesRolling basis application for novel and unique project ideas. Only eligible for initiatives that are open and accessible to the entire School of Medicine student body
Ethics Small GrantUP to $1,000For graduate students related to furthering work on ethics within their department or field. Please contact the Ethics, Society, & Technology Hub Program Manager, Ashlyn Jaeger (, or the Center for Ethics in Society Research Director, Anne Newman (, if you’d like to apply or have any questions.
CLAS working group grantsUP to $3,000For Stanford graduate students up to $3000. Priority will be given to proposals that include topics addressing indigenous peoples' rights, environmental and global health issues, and migration.
Energy Catalyst Grant$1,500/QuarterEnergy catalyst grant is a $1500 grant per class per quarter for groups to deepen student’s knowledge on sustainable energy. Rolling applications are open year-round. Please submit your application CourseGrantsApplication_2019.pdf to Danica Sarlya at