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Event Planning Guide

Audience at Events

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Policy Details

Events must be targeted primarily at Stanford students and occur during the regular academic year, and not during university holidays or academic breaks. In terms of what constitutes a student audience, student events are expected to meet a minimum of 50% Stanford students of the projected and actual audience. There may be events that require a larger proportion of students, depending on the size of the venue, student demand, safety and funding sources.

Event Planning Guidelines

Recognized student organizations have the privilege of sponsoring events in the name of Stanford provided that they follow university policy, stay true to their approved mission and scope and work in close coordination with the university.

Additional Information

Student organization meetings, rehearsals and practices are considered student-only events.  They are not open to faculty, staff or off-campus members.

There are also limitations on when major events and parties can occur during the "End-of-the-Quarter period" in order to best support academic priorities. For summer, small social and community-oriented events for Stanford students can occur, but university resources, especially space, are limited. Large events or ones that involve an audience beyond Stanford are generally not permitted, given university resource constraints.

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