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Event Planning Guide


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Policy Details

Only on-campus ticketing platforms are permitted for campus events. Cash donations in lieu of a set ticket price are not permitted.

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Event Planning Guidelines

Recognized student organizations have the privilege of sponsoring events in the name of Stanford provided that they follow university policy, stay true to their approved mission and scope and work in close coordination with the university. 


Free Tickets

  • Best for RSVP or attendance tracking.
  • Source: Stanford EventBrite.

Online Admission Charge Tickets

  • Only on-campus platforms are permissible.
  • Source: Stanford EventBrite (through ASSU) or Stanford Ticket Office.
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  • For high profile events with free tickets, the Stanford Ticketing Office can provide you with professional printed tickets.
  • Consider ordering tables and stancheons, if using tickets for a large events.
  • ASSU provides free tables for tabling in White Plaza.
  • Cash boxes can be obtained from OSE.
  • Evening and weekend "deposit drops" can be arranged through Public Safety using the ASSU "dropbox". Contact ASSU for details.
Main Quad architectural details, 2023. Credit: Micaela Go