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It's Time to Transition Leaders

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Concert on the Lake (EPC), 2023. Credit: Ananya Navale

Alternatives to Starting a Group

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Some ideas don’t easily fit into a student group format and can be best pursued through other avenues.

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Alternative Suggestions

Join an Existing Org

Many existing groups have long histories of meaningful programs, strong working relationships with faculty and staff, ample budgets and even opportunities for travel. New student members can often readily assume leadership roles. Explore the list of student groups or meet with an OSE Intern.

Renew an Org

Visit our Organization Renewal page for more information.

Work with Faculty

If related to your academic interests, you may be able to create a research opportunity or independent study with a faculty member. Funding for some of these projects may be available through research opportunities. Your idea can be an entry into establishing a relationship with a faculty member. If you need help in getting started schedule an appointment with one of OSE's advising staff to help you explore ideas.

Apply for a Haas Summer Fellowship

Design and implement a full-time, summer service project and receive funding from Haas to carry it out. For details see Haas Summer Fellowships. 

Consider Sponsorship by Student Government

Do you have an idea for a campus service or one-time project? You may find sponsorship by ASSU or the GSC a better option. Consider

Soph Serve, 2023. Credit: Nikolas Liepins . Ethography, LLC