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Health & Well-Being

Students run through a rehearsal of the dance elements in the play Spring Awakening in the newly refurbished Roble Dance Studio. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Book a Space

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This information is ONLY provided for Stanford recognized student organizations that want to book event space.

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Important Tips

Here some things to be aware of when booking space. 

Who can book space?

Only student organizations and university departments can space and hold events on campus. Neither individuals nor outside entities can.

Lead time needed? 

Most space reservations need a minimum 7 days in advance. Large events require a minimum of three weeks and often much longer. Please see critical deadlines before you begin. For last minute suggestions, try a community center or residence, or come to OSE for other suggestions.

Venue accessibility? 

For information on which spaces on campus are accessible, see this campus guide & map.

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Venue Guide

While there is no comprehensive listing of all campus event spaces, the linked Venue Guide table outlines some of the most frequently requested sites and how to reserve them. Questions about these venues should be directed to the reserving entity.

Access Venue Guide

Bing Concert Hall. Event held to introduce the building to journalists. A panel discussion and Q&A session with the lead architect, acoustician, muscians, faculty, and directors was held onstage with the press. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service