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It's Time to Transition Leaders

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The deadline to request off-campus fundraising approval for the 2024-2025 academic year has been extended to Monday, June 17, 2024.

Red and White Balloons. Credit: Jezper, via Deposit Photos

Free or Affordable Resources

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Need a button maker, video camera, or some flyers, but don’t have a lot of money? We've created a table to share with our communities of places on campus to get these and other items free or at low cost.

Neighborhood Themed Decorative Accent Line
Button MakerHaasFreeUp to 50, For Community Service Groups
Cash BoxOffice of Student EngagementFreeFor change, FO should request a cash advance from ASSU or any officer can use personal funds.
Computing/PrintingHaasFreeFor Community Service orgs
Computing/PrintingCardinal Print$0.05 for color, and $0.008 for black and whiteCardinal Print University IT
Craft MaterialsHaasFreeFor Community Service orgs
Equipment Lending LibraryVice President for the Arts (VPA)FreeAvailable to all students, the Lending Library's collection includes speakers and stands, microphones, mixers, amps and cables, as well as audio recording and photo/video equipment.
FaxOffice of Student EngagementFreeDomestic Faxes only
FaxHaasFreeDomestic Faxes only, For Service orgs
Ice BreakersHaasFreeFor Community Service orgs, Team Building Toolkits
Mac LaptopsLathrop Learning HubFreeStudent Computing: Equipment Checkout
Mailing list servicesInformation Technology Services (ITS)FreeFind information at Information Technology Services (ITS)
MegaphoneHaasFreeFor all student orgs
PhoneHaasFreeFor Community Service orgs, In House Use Only
Photocopies (black & white)Haas5 centsFor Community Service orgs, w/Monthly Maintenance Fee
Photocopies (black & white)SSE10 cents none
Photocopies (black & white)SULAIR13 centsCopy price for SUID card use
Photocopies (color)Art Library13 centsCopy price for SUID card use
Photocopies (color)Haas20 cents none
ProjectorSSEFreeSUID, check out 2 days in advance
ProjectorHaasFreeSUID, check out 2 days in advance, For Community Service Groups
ProjectorLathrop Learning HubFreeStudent Computing: Equipment Checkout
Roble Arts GymVice President for the Arts (VPA)FreeCreative space for all students - messy arts space, dance studio, music room, VR room
Sound EquipmentStanford Concert Network (SCN)VariesContact current SCN leadership at
Storage SpaceHaasFreeFor Community Service orgs
TV/VCRHaasFreeFor Community Service org, In-House Only
VansHaasFree$25 - 35/Day, Priority to Service orgs
Video CameraLathrop Learning HubFreeStudent Computing: Equipment Checkout
Video EditingLathrop Learning HubFreeMultimedia Station - Second Floor
White Plaza TablesSSEFreeOld Union, First Floor
WristbandsOAPEFree For registered parties to indicate 21+ only.
ZipCarZipCarVaries for more information