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 Sydney Clara Nagy, Morgan Huntsinger Wyatt, Ella Grace Booker,Jayela Sydney Lopez,Josie Rose Gross-Whitaker,Merissa Bryn Rieken and Mona Hicks. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

On-Campus Funding Sources

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Explore on-campus sources of funding. Additionally, find information about the Solidarity Fund and the Stanford Fund Partnership Program.

Decorative accent featuring eight dots representing the eight Neighborhood colors.
Know Justice Know Peace, Green library. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

The Solidarity FundĀ 

The Solidarity Fund  is a new fund created in the Summer of 2020 and administered in partnership with the Division of Student Affairs, for all student organizations. The fund initially provided resources for summer programming but has now been expanded through the academic year.

David Freeland of the L.A. Dance Project teaches a masterclass to Stanford students. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

The Stanford Fund Partnership Program

The purpose of the Partnership Program is to enhance undergraduate student life and ensure students have the support they need to pursue their passions, give back, and develop new skills. This program is designed to supplement other on-campus funding in lieu of students fundraising externally as well educate students about the power of community.