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Dormant Status and Renewal

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What does it mean for an organization to be considered “dormant?”

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Dormant Organizations

A dormant organization can be defined as temporarily inactive or inoperative if:

  • Did not meet the registration deadlines outlined below
  • Does not have a minimum of five members, including at least President and Financial Officer. Members must be currently enrolled students in a degree granting program. Students taking an LOA are not considered currently enrolled. Students taking a flex quarter are considered enrolled.
  • Not meeting, conducting programming, applying for university funding, etc.
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Organizations that have not registered by the following deadlines are considered dormant

  • Spring deadline is the Sunday after commencement and allows you to operate over the summer and register events and space beginning in late spring and summer for the next academic year.
  • Dormant status was designed to give organizations who need or want to “take a break” the time to do so, free from required university obligations. The past two years have been particularly challenging and we want to honor your health and well-being, while also allowing groups an easier way to reactivate their organization if and when they are ready.

If your organization is going dormant you should

  • Complete the Voluntary Student Organization Operations Application on CardinalEngage to let OSE know the status of your organization.
  • Schedule a meeting with OSE so we can assist you with the transition of your organization and the storage of your organization’s documents on our CampusGroups online platform.
  • If you are a chapter of a national organization, notify them and you should not be participating in programming, decision making, etc. while the org is dormant.
  • You no longer need to participate in mandatory trainings.
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How to bring back an organization that has been dormant for more than three quarters, and is now unrecognized: Apply as a new organization