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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

About OSE

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At the Office of Student Engagement, we are dedicated to helping students find community and foster passions while developing leadership and life skills.

We support all recognized student organizations, advise ASSU and the sophomore and junior class council, and offer leadership development and training.
We work to cultivate a student community that values inclusivity, equity, respect, collaboration, and balance.

Our Values

  • Belonging: "We foster experiences, relationships and environments to ensure that every student feels a firm and abiding sense of belonging and contributes to the good of our community," in alignment with Our Most Important Work in Student Affairs.
  • Equity & Access: We advocate to reduce systemic barriers and create equitable access to opportunities for all students. We strive to create pathways to student engagement that are intentional and empowering.
  • Integrity: We aim to embody our values in manners that are consistent and reliable.
  • Learning: We cultivate a culture of curiosity and critical thinking.
  • Well-Being: We approach each student interaction holistically with a focus on relationships, self-care and care for others

OSE Staff

Need to reach one of us directly for a specific type of event? We are here to guide you and help answer any questions you may have. 

OSE Communications

Find the latest news and information straight from the Office of Student Engagement!

Resources for Our Communities

Student Affairs offers our communities support and we are continually seeking ways in which we can provide resources to those who may need it, whether on or off campus. Take time to care for yourself and connect with friends, family, and other support. You do not have to experience anything on your personal journey on your own.

Need Help? Contact an OSE Intern!

OSE Interns

For most needs it is best to start with OSE Interns, who are experienced student leaders and excel with financial, banking and event-planning advice. Interns are available on a drop-in and scheduled basis several hours a week!

Questions?: Connect with OSE