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Student organizations, individuals, and departments are prohibited from serving as "fronts" for off-campus organizations. This means student organizations cannot sponsor, schedule, or plan events in order to give off-campus organizations un-affiliated with Stanford access to university space, information tables, the Stanford name or marks, or other university resources.

Student organizations are welcome to host  events in the name of Stanford which they directly plan, fund, supervise, and attend. A student organization may receive partial funding for their event from an off-campus organization as long as the student organization complies with the university’s off-campus fundraising policy, receiving prior university approval.


Some examples of fronted activities include:

  • Third Party Involvement. Permitting a non-university group to schedule space or sponsor an event (commercial or non-profit) in any campus space, including residences and outdoors.  This includes permitting a third party to plan, invite, advertise, sell tickets or otherwise directly plan or sponsor any part of a student organization activity.
  • Use of the Stanford Name or Marks. Permitting any off-campus entity to use the Stanford name or the name of any student organization.

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