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Workshops for Students

 New Leaders | Banking and FundingThe Stanford Fund | Haas | Youth Party Planning


Getting Started: New Leader Training Workshops*

* Not for Newly Approved Orgs

Geared to presidents, financial officers, and project managers of student organizations; you will have an introduction to student organizations at Stanford, your role and university expectations. You will also learn how to use information about OSE, important policies, event planning and budgeting, and how to use CardinalSync.

Led by: Office of Student Engagement. Contact:

Join the  Canvas Course "Student Org Management"and then go to modules to see the workshop

Banking and Funding*

* Mandatory for Financial Officers to gain access to your ASSU account.

Learn how to use the GrantEd banking system, make financial commitments, process reimbursements, apply for on-campus funding and be efficient with all financial transactions. Also learn how to apply for ASSU funding, both discretionary and special fees, through GrantEd, submit GrantEd budgets and submit ASSU budget modifications. No RSVP needed.

Led by:  ASSU/SSE Capital Group. Contact:

See the courses on Axess from ASSU's website.

The Stanford Fund Partnership

For undergraduate VSOs interested in gaining access to the The Stanford Fund Partnership Program, you must attend a training and learn about the grant before you apply. We will review history, intentions of the program, and application details. There is a Spring application and a Fall application. 

Led by: Office of Student Engagement in conjunction with the Office of Development. Contact: Ankita Rakhe,

Login to CardinalSync first and then go to the TSF Workshop Calendar

See more information on the main TSF page

Haas Workshops

The Haas Center offers signature workshops each quarter for Stanford students to develop knowledge and insight on key public service concepts. Open to all VSOs.

Lead by: The Haas Center for Public Service. Contact: TBD

See the list of workshops on the Haas site.

Best Practices for Working with Youth Workshops

Haas and OSE offer a training for all student organizations who plan programs with youth, whether on or off-campus or for an event or on-going tutoring and mentoring. Learn about best practices including safety and emergecny training, and developmental appropriateness. 

Led by: Office of Student Engagement and Haas Center for Public ServiceContact: Ankita Rakhe, or Rosy Capron,

Login to CardinalSync first and then go to the Working With Youth Workshop Calendar

Party Planning Workshop

*Mandatory for any student planning a party.

All students looking to host a party on behalf of a registered student group, house, dorm or Greek organization are required to complete the online party planning workshop and familiarize themselves with all party planning guidelines.

Lead by: Office of Alcohol Policy and Education (OAPE).

See this guide for information on accessing the online workshop.