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Getting Started

Guiding Principles

Office of Student Engagement (OSE) is devoted to:
  • Providing open access for students to participate and assume leadership roles.
  • Empowering student leaders to make decisions on behalf of their group.
  • Developing strong, caring relationships within the campus community.
  • Embracing collaboration over duplication.

Important First Steps for New Leaders

  1. Registration:  Make sure your registration is complete and approved.

  2. Constitution:  Know your constitution, share with your members and update if needed. 

  3. Financial TrainingEnsure your financial officer attends a banking workshop.

  4. Bank Account:  Open a new one at ASSU or review your current account on GrantEd.

  5. Review key University policies

  6. Planning Events.  See useful information about planning events.

  7. Want to plan a party? Attend a mandatory party planning workshop.

  8. Visit OSE.  Drop by the office any weekday to meet with an OSE Intern! Schedule viewable here.