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Only on-campus ticketing platforms are permitted for campus events. Cash donations in lieu of a set ticket price are not permitted.


Free Tickets

  • Best for RSVP or attendance tracking.
  • Source:  Stanford EventBrite.

Online Admission Charge Tickets

  • Only on-campus platforms are permissible.
  • Source:  Stanford EventBrite (through ASSU) or Stanford Ticket Office.


  • For high profile events with free tickets, the Stanford Ticketing Office can provide you with professional printed tickets.
  • Consider ordering tables and stancheons, if using tickets for a large events.
  • ASSU provides free tables for tabling in White Plaza.
  • Cash boxes can be obtained from OSE.
  • Evening and weekend "deposit drops" can be arranged through Public Safety using the ASSU "dropbox". Contact ASSU for details.

Additional Policies and Resources