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Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line
Aerial view of main quad. Credit: spvvk / Deposit Photos


CardinalEngage is Stanford's platform for student organizations and campus engagement. Here you can learn more about student groups as well as access a calendar of upcoming events occurring within the neighborhoods and beyond. Note: Requires Stanford credentials to access. 

 Stanford University, Bing Concert Hall, interior hall Location: Stanford CA, Architect: Ennead Architects. Credit:  Jeff Goldberg

Event Planning Guidelines

Recognized student organizations have the privilege of sponsoring events in the name of Stanford provided that they follow university policy, stay true to their approved mission and scope and work in close coordination with the university. 

Plan an Event

There are steps to creating a successful event. The OSE has put together this section to provide help in planning an event/gathering on-campus. Access important resources like the planning calendar, CardinalEngage, and more. Remember that all events need to be registered in CardinalEngage