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Student groups traveling on behalf of Stanford should follow all university policies. Key policies include:


  • Anyone driving on behalf of Stanford must have a current, valid driver's license and proof of comprehensive automobile insurance.
  • When renting automobiles, the university recommends purchasing the additional insurance provided by the rental company.
  • When traveling, the student organization should maintain a list of the driver's name, phone number, and occupants for each car, the general itinerary of the trip, and the name and phone number of an official emergency contact on campus.


  • When renting charter buses, the organization must ensure that the proper level of insurance is provided.

Adventure Trips


International Trips

International Travel Programs Sponsored Abroad. The university does not permit any recognized student organization to sponsor new international travel programs abroad because the level of resources needed to manage them is beyond the scope of a recognized student organization. International travel programs are limited to long-standing university-approved (with prior university review and approval) student organized programs (e.g. VILA, Project Dosti, Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW), and Solar Car). This means that Stanford will not approve new student organization proposals that are based on any form of international travel abroad. Other Stanford groups cannot sponsor international travel programs to another country unless fully vetted and approved, which is rare. 

International Travel While Representing Stanford. Students that are members of registered Stanford groups organizations and traveling to perform or compete (a capella or debate, for example) may travel but must follow all University guidelines for international travel and actively consult with OSE prior to confirming trip (including booking of any travel). All participants must sign University waivers.


  • Risk Management and information on Stanford University Trip Safety Guidelines, Guidelines for University Vehicles, Rentals, Accidental Reporting and Personal Vehicles and Waivers.
  • Parking and Transportation