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Transportation and Vehicle Ownership



  • Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and proof of current insurance, and follow all laws.  In the event of an accident or claim, the driver's insurance serves as the primary insurance.
  • Student groups may not rent or operate 15-person+ occupancy vans. 10-passenger vans (driver included) are allowed, but the driver must have a valid class-B driver’s license.
  • If an organization rents a truck or u-haul, passengers are only permitted in locations with seat belts and the vehicle should only be used for transporting equipment and not passengers.

Golf Carts

  • Groups must only use golf carts for event support (i.e. transporting personnel, equipment, or supplies for university purposes) and must ensure that drivers are safe at all times.
  • Golf carts cannot be used in prohibited areas of campus including the Main Quad complex and all covered arcades; soft or unpaved landscape surfaces; steep inclines; entrances to buildings, stairways and disabled-access ramps; and parking spaces designated for regular vehicles.
  • Golf carts are not permitted for "special parking" and must park in designated golf cart slots.
  • Passengers are only permitted in locations with clear seats, and are not permitted to overcrowd or hang off the side.
  • Chaining vehicles to trees, signposts, railings, etc. is prohibited.
  • If a group leases a golf cart, it must follow all university Golf Cart policies.

Charter Buses

  • All rental bus companies must provide proof of insurance that meet all university requirements. It is recommended that buses be arranged through Parking and Transportation Services, which ensures that all necessary insurance is obtained and that outside bus vendors meet university insurance requirements.

Vehicle Purchase and Ownership

Due to liability and storage reasons, purchase and ownership of vehicles (cars, golf carts, Segways or similar vehicles) requires prior university approval through Office of Student Engagement (OSE).  A review will include long-term financial stability a pre-arranged parking spot and direct relationship to the organization's mission and scope. Drivers must have a valid license and follow all speed limits and requirements. If a group leases a golf cart, it must follow University Golf Cart policies.

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