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Stanford Name


Currently registered student organizations in good standing are permitted to use the Stanford name for activities that are related Stanford as long as this use is related to Stanford's mission. Informal groups or those organizations that have let their OSE registraion lapse are  are not considered registered student organizations and are not permitted this priviliege.  Additionally, no student orgranization is permitted to give outside entities the right to use the Stanford name. The name “Stanford” and symbols associated with Stanford University, including the University seal and the Block “S,” are trademarks protected by federal and state laws from unauthorized use.

  • General Use.  University recognized student organizations may use the Stanford name in association with their university-sanctioned activities.  Unrecognized student organizations or other types of groups of students are not permitted the use of the Stanford name.
  • Domain Names. No faculty, staff, alumnus, other volunteer or student may register a domain name that incorporates the word "Stanford" or "cardinal" except in accordance with the policies described above concerning use of the name and marks.
  • Stanford Seal. The Seal is Stanford's strongest emblem. It lends authority and authenticity wherever it appears, and therefore should be used only in connection with the official activities of Stanford’s schools, departments, institutes, labs, and other official Stanford academic and research activities.  The seal should not be used in connection with athletic and other university activities, where use of the less formal Block S with Tree is more appropriate.  Student groups should use the Block S with Tree in connection with their logos and communications.
  • Stanford Mark or Logo on T-shirts or Similar Items. Items acquired by a student organization solely for internal University use generally do not require a license.  Groups producing merchandise for sale that incorporates Stanford's name or marks must comply obtain prior licensing approval from the Office of Business Affairs.