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Hazing is not permited for at Stanford University within or outside the context of student organizations. Hazing includes activities that cause another student to suffer bodily danger, phyiscal harm, or significant degradation or humilation. 

Examples of hazing are but not limited to:

  • New members being: forced to do activites that "prove" worth, humilated, physically hurt, compelled to do activities that established members are not
  • Forced or required consumption of alcohol
  • Requirement to endure forced hardships such as staying awake, menial tasks, physical labor

Hazing can occur:

  • In any organization, not just limited to fraternities and sororities
  • During, before, or after an "inititation" period
  • Is about power and control, not unity
  • A significant number of hazing incidents include alcohol

If you feel like you are being hazed or want to report hazing concerns,  please visit