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Cash Handling


All VSO sale transactions must meet acceptable cash handling procedures that follow the guidelines below.  Cash transactions are limited and can include payments by either cash or check. Accepting cash or checks for membership dues, instruction, or other services is not an approved practice and can only be done with prior written approval from OSE and ASSU. 

Permitted Uses of Cash

  • Approved items for sale in White Plaza on a short-term basis, for example, t-shirts.
  • Food sales with prior university approval and a Santa Clara County food permit.

Prohibited Uses of Cash

General Guidelines

  • Use a cash box—you can borrow one from Office of Student Engagement (OSE).
  • To obtain change, your FO can request a cash advance payment from your ASSU account (or an officer may use personal funds).
  • When cash transactions are permitted, use of receipts and a clear audit trail is required.  Also, deposits must be made to ASSU within three working days of collection.
  • Sales tax must be reported by ASSU and the appropriate tax amount will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Selling tickets for a pre-approved, set price is fine but cash donations (e.g. pay what you want) is a violation of university policy.
  • Always have at least two individuals present when handling cash and at the end to count together.
  • If you are anticipating large amounts of cash, arrange for a police escort to the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) bank to deposit funds immediately.
  • Special arrangements can be made for after-hours access to the ASSU bank but must be arranged in advance. The process for students needing to make a cash deposit when the ASSU/SSE office is closed is as follows:
    • ​The VSO FO needs to request the access 3 business days in advance by emailing SSE Banking <>.
    • If, for some reason, the FO receives no response, the FO should go to the ASSU office during business hours to confirm that arrangements have been made for making a deposit during closed hours.
    • Once ASSU receives the request, they will either have an employee on site for the deposit or, in unavoidable situations, give the FO a door code to access the ASSU space.
    • Prior to depositing the money, the FO should make the deposit request in GrantEd. In the deposit safe, place a sealed envelope containing both a printed copy of the deposit request slip and the monies.