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Runs, Races and Walks


Only Stanford academic departments and registered student organizations are permitted to host runs, races, or walks on the Stanford campus. All individuals involved in the leadership structure, logistical planning, and overall management of the event must be Stanford students, staff, or faculty.

  • Event approval will depend on other scheduled events, university resources, and other university priorities.
  • Course route: Use of campus streets will only be permitted through use of pre-approved courses provided by the Office of Special Events and Protocol (OSEP).
  • Groups organizing an event of this sort for the first time are limited to 150 participants and all participants must have a current Stanford ID.
  • Annual events should be scheduled a year in advance. Written proposals and budgets must be submitted for university review at least two quarters in advance.
  • All event requests should fill out the Application for Use of Foothills Lands.
  • Scheduling:
    • ​Weekdays: Begin in mid-late afternoon and be completed an hour before dark.
    • Weekends: Begin in the morning and be completed by noon.
  • All participants must sign a university waiver.


  • Groups with no prior experience managing a campus run, race, or walk should consider planning their event at the Dish. The Dish provides an easy and inexpensive way of sponsoring a first-time event of this sort.
  • Groups with successful track records of offering previous campus runs, races, or walks may plan events involving: 1) More than 150 participants and/or 2) Course routes involving campus streets.
  • Use name tags, lanyards, bibs, armbands, or t-shirts to identify your participants on the day of the event.
  • Event staging areas & registration tents:
    • Only a small table is permitted at the start/finish line for registration, waivers, bull horn, and small snacks.
    • Event staging areas may be reserved if a bigger area for food trucks, live and/or amplified music is desired. Some places to consider are a Row House, Levin Field or Tresidder Union.
  • Recommended timeline:
  1. Submit an event request.
    • First-timers: At least 10 weeks lead time
    • All others: At least 8 weeks lead time
  2. Develop a detailed written plan and budget and schedule a preliminary planning meeting with an OSE Intern. See "Day of Event" for more tips.
    • ​​For all events: At least 6 weeks lead time
    • Include course map:
      • Start & finish (must be near Gerona Road)
      • Restrooms (one per 100 people)
      • Aid stations (water, first aid, etc.)
    • Event registration: Use Stanford Eventbrite
  3. Fundraise (if necessary).
  4. Recruit volunteers.
    • Two volunteers per 25 participants
    • If ≤ 150 participants: at least four volunteers at registration
    • If > 150 participants: at least eight volunteers at registration
  5. Receive final approval from OSE, Department of Public Safety, Office of Special Events and Protocol, and Land Use and Environmental.
  6. Advertise your event!
    • Use a website.
    • If using the Dish, signs notifying the public about your event should be posted no later than two weeks prior to event at the Stanford Ave. entrance.

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