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Groups planning to sponsor large-scale conferences on campus must consult with and receive prior approval from Office of Student Engagement (OSE) at least four months in advance. Without prior university review and approval, student organizations are not authorized to commit funds, invite speakers or publicize conferences on behalf of Stanford. A major conference is one that is publicized to or involves off-campus entities, requires the use of multiple rooms for at least half a day and if Stanford only, has more than 100 attendees.


Requirements for approval include:

  1. A detailed program and operational schedule that is in line with the approved organization's mission and primarily focused on Stanford students.
  2. An expense and revenue budget that is realistic and achievable within the timeframe available.
  3. 80% of the conference budget must be raised and in the group's account prior to inviting speakers, promoting the conference and accepting registrations. 
  4. Active and demonstrated involvement from the group's core leadership (e.g. the ten sponsoring members) as well as a list of "day-of" volunteers, one volunteer for every 50 participants.
  5. A fully written plan and budget must be presented and reviewed by OSE staff before any detailed planning, off-campus fundraising, speakers invited and spaces booked.
  6. To begin the process, develop a written proposal and schedule a meeting with OSE staff.

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