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Overnight Guests


Prior approval is required for all student organizations hoping to host overnight guests in campus residences.  Any invited non-Stanford guest hosted by a student organization is not permitted to stay overnight in a campus residence without prior approval from Office of Student Engagement, Housing and Residential Education. Promotion of the program cannot begin until it has received approval from the university. Expectations include:

For Sponsoring Organization

  • Thorough Program Plan Required. A detailed written plan must be submitted to OSE via CardinalSync at least eight weeks in advance. The plan should include a "day to day" schedule of all activities.
  • Five Night Maximum. Permission is only granted for five consecutive nights or less, as stated on Stanford's Residence Agreement.  Switching roommates to extend stay is not permitted.  
  • One guest per resident is permitted in the dorm, with no more than two guests per room. 
  • Longer Stays Must be Hosted Off-campus. Programs longer than five nights in duration will need to seek off-campus housing arrangements (e.g. a local hostel, motel, or hotel). Off-campus programs still need to be registered in CardinalSync.
  • University Approval Required Before Promotion. Office of Student Engagement, Residential Education and Student Housing must all review and approve plan prior to any and all promotion.
  • Identification of all Guests Required. An identification badge for every guest, indicating name of guest and program name is required and must be shown, if questioned.
  • Damage Fees will be Charged to Sponsor. Damage of any kind by the guest on-campus will be billed to the student organization and must be paid promptly. 
  • Four Week Deadline. All roommates and Res Ed staff, including Resident Fellows of impacted communities, must be notified via e-mail at least four weeks prior to the program. The following information will need to be collected in a spreadsheet: 1) host first and last name, 2) host SUID #,  3) roommate first and last name, 4) roommate SUID #, 5) residence and room number. 
  • Guest Conduct, Emergencies etc. The sponsoring student organization will be responsible for any issues that may arise on or off-campus associated directly with the program.
  • Background Checks. If you are hosting minors all hosts must get a Stanford backgrounc check (LiveScan).

For Dorm Hosts

  • Key and Card Access is Not Permitted. Hosts are responsible for their guest's entry into and out of  the building.
  • Host Bears Responsibility. The host is responsible for the guest the entire time on-campus and all scheduled off-campus activities.
  • Minors Cannot Host. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to host an overnight guest.
  • If you are hostings minors, every host needs to be background checked
  • Roommates Must be Notified in Advance. The host is responsible for requesting early permission from any roommate and notifying them of expectations in writing no later than four weeks prior to the program. 

For Guests

  • Follow University Policy. All non-Stanford guests are expected to abide by the Residence Agreement.
  • Auditing Classes is Not Permitted. Non-Stanford guests are not permitted to audit classes during their visit although faculty are welcome to be invited to come speak at the program.
  • Proof of Current Medical Insurance is required for all guests visiting Stanford overnight, no later than two weeks prior to the program. For international visitors (provided your program has approval to allow international guests) insurance should be provided meet general requirements for U.S. universities including ones that meet Stanford’s minimum requirements. Two possibilities are: ISO Insurance and International Student and Scholar Health Insurance.
  • University Waiver Required. All approved guests must sign a General University waiver, no later than two weeks prior to the program.
  • Minors. Anyone under the age of 18 who is staying on campus must have a signature by the parents and/or guardian prior to coming to campus. Minors are only permitted to stay between FridaySunday, must be co-sponsored and managed by a campus department, may only visit for a thoughtfully planned enrichment program and may not be traveling internationally. Must follow all steps related to youth programs


  1. Eight weeks in advance. Submit an event registration  via along with a detailed written plan a minimum of eight weeks in advance, if not longer.
  2. University staff from Student Housing, Residential Education and Office of Student Engagement will review the proposal.The university-wide committee will approve, call for a meeting or reject the proposal based on the information provided by the student organization.
  3. The leadership of the student organization, whose programs are requesting to have non-Stanford guests that are minors, under the age of 18, will need to go through additional review, training and approval
  4. Four weeks in advance. Have names of all participants
  5. Four weeks in advance. The dorm host information, medical form and university waiver must be sent to Residential Education at least four weeks in advance: 1) host first and last name, 2) host SUID #,  3) roommate first and last name, 4) roommate SUID #, 5) residence and room number. 

Additional Policies and Resources