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Large and complex events that involve signficant resources, multiple and/or large venues, off-campus fundraising and an audience that includes youth and/or members of the Bay Area commity are consider major events and require specific planning lead time. For these events, an event request must be submitted with accurate and complete information no later than the deadline as follows.  Please know that these are the minimum deadlines; often additional time is needed depending on how much funding a group has in its account, the time of the year and the completeness of a group's event plan. 

Additionally, student organizations can expect the possiblity of event cancellation if the event requests are not submitted by the deadline, are not sufficiently organized and have failed to follow other university policies.  Events that involve large numbers of people, are complicated and costly, involve youth and significant health and safety concerns require close oversight and are most likely subject to cancellation.

Event request Type Lead Time
Auditoria (and other large spaces) 3 weeks
Minors 12 weeks

Runs and Races & Dish Events

5 weeks for the Dish

8 weeks for other locations

Off-Campus Fundraising (new to off-campus fundraising)

Off-Campus Fundraising (annual fundraising campaigns)

12 weeks required before event approval (funds must be in your account). No proposals accepted after January 30 of each year.

June 30 each year, with mandatory spring training. 

High Profile Programs 12 weeks
New Major Events 12 weeks
Any Event Request Needs a minum of 7 business days lead