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Off-Campus Fundraising Steps

Off-campus fundraising is a privilege available to student organizations that have well-articulated and reasonable program goals and sufficient lead-time.

Review Off-Campus Fundraising Policy.

Attend a mandatory Off-campus Fundraising workshop.

The trainings are only available in the Spring as the timeline is such that all solicitations must occur by December. 

Develop a program proposal and detailed, reasonable budget.

  • Anticipated expenses that are based on real estimates. It is possible to include a small contingency in your budget of 10-15 %, which is especially useful for larger programs.
  • All on-campus funding sources solicited and funds earned must be included and is a requirement before you can fundraise off-campus.
  • Desired amount to raise from your proposed off-campus funding sources. For example, "we hope to raise $ 5,000 from 2-4 targets".
  • A reasonable number of off-campus targets with company name, personal contact and relationship to your organization or program. Without this information provided in some detail it si not possible to be approved or begin to fundraise.  A long list of targets is not a good fundraising strategy and will not be appoved.  Instead pick you most likely targets and concentrate on them.
  • Submit a summary of your program(s) final fundraising efforts. The ability to steward your funds well will impact future fundraising requests.
  • Along with these materials you will need to share a draft solicitation letter that serves as an important fundraising tool.  It should be carefully crafted.
  • The fundraising total that you hope to raise should be achievable and need OSE approval.  The total target approved will be based on your past fundraising success, the length of time you have to fundraise and the quality and thoughtfulness of your overall fundraising strategy.

Review proposal with OSE Staff. 

Submit application for Off-campus Fundraising.

  • Once you attend an off-campus fundraising workshop you can submit your application. Review the application and supporting details carefully. All are provided to help you be successful.

Await approval from OSE and the Office of Development for approval.

  • Well-done, comprehensive and reasonable proposals can typically be processed in 2 weeks. Incomplete proposals can take up to 2 months or more.

Fundraise from your approved targets

  • Under no circumstances targets can be approached until your proposal is proposed.
  • Except under rare circumstances, students orgs are not permitted to sign "contracts or agreements" as part of the donation.
  • Allow 1-3 months for your solicitations to be considered and funds donated to Stanford. All donations are made in the name of Stanford and will take  4-5 weeks to transfer from the Office of Development to your ASSU account.

Deposit your checks promptly.

  • All checks should be made to Stanford University with the name of the organization in the memo. The bank will not accept it if it's not addresses correctly. They should be sent directly to Office of Student Engagement so that there is no lag time between receiving a check and getting into Stanford's account. 
  • Mail to: 1) [your organization's name] 2) c/o [your OSE advisor] 3) Office of Student Engagement 4) 520 Lasuen Mall 5) Old Union, Suite 206 6) Stanford CA 94305.  If you are emailing them these instructions, please copy OSE on your correspondence. OSE will review the checks and then send them to the Office of Development. 
  • The Office of Development will process all donations. It usually takes 6-8 weeks from the receipt of the check in Development before it is transferred to your ASSU account, so plan accordingly.

Thank your funders.

  • Timely, student-oriented and clever thank yous are best.  A framed photo of your event, Stanford swag or a thank you card signed by everyone are all simple and meaningful ways to thank your funders.


  • Searching for on-campus funding first is a must.
  • Be certain that you are prepared to fundraise off-campus. Off-campus fundraising requires strong organization and a long lead-time. 
  • A thorough and detailed budget is important.  Need help?  See an OSE Intern for assistance. OSE staff are here to assist.  Use us!
  • Once approved, follow-up, follow-up and follow-up on your requests. Check your progress regularly, especially when requesting funds from your targets. Give all targets your needed deadline when you make your request.
  • Write prompt funder thank yous. Prompt and grateful feedback can turn a one-time funding source into a regular one.