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Solidarity Fund

The Solidarity Fund  a new fund created in the Summer of 2020 and administered in partnership with the Division of Student Affairs, for all student organizations. The fund initially provided resources for summer programming but has now been expanded through the Fall. 

In an effort to advance efforts related to equity, inclusion, and justice, the Office of Student Engagement in collaboration with Student Affairs have allocated funding to support innovative programs that contribute to a sense of belonging, equity, and inclusion for students. Funding is available for student organizations that seek to educate, provide community healing, and build awareness.

Requests will be reviewed by staff in the Inclusion, Community, and Integrative Learning (ICIL) unit of Student Affairs, alongside staff from the Office of Alcohol Policy and Education and Stanford Student Enterprises. Funds will be disbursed through ASSU/GrantEd and all financial policies must be observed. 

Criteria include:

  • The event or program must connect to the central mission and vision of the Solidarity Fund (see above)
  • If funding includes a request for food, food must be central to the idea of the event. Ex: Learn how to cook with Chef Carla Hall. 

Note: Funds may not be used for donations or individuals.

To apply, please assign a member of your student organization as the point person and have them fill out this form. If you have any questions please email

If you want to connect with a member of the committee, please feel free to reach out to:

Chris Carter
Ankita Rakhe
Jared Isobe (Class of '22)
Bennett Lewis (Class of '21)
Trista Shideler
Delaynie Baldwin
Siedah Morris
Kevin Martinez
Mohammed Soriano-Bilal
Ester Sihite