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Get Money

Important Tips

  • Lead-time is important. Large events require a minimum of 3-4 month lead-time, if not more. Start fundraising as soon as you begin planning.
  • ASSU funding is quickest and easiest - start here.
  • Exhaust all on-campus options before considering off-campus ones.
  • A thorough and detailed budget will make your job easier. Need help?  See an OSE Intern for assistance.
  • The University cannot confirm your requested space, approve your event or permit you to make contractual agreements without most of the funding in your account. 
  • Follow-up, follow-up, and follow-up on your requests. Check your progress regularly, especially when requesting funds from campus departments. Give all funders your deadline when you make your request.
  • Read your ASSU account statement regularly to make sure the committed funds have been transferred. If not, follow-up.
  • Write prompt funder thank yous. Prompt and grateful feedback can turn a one-time funding source into a regular one.

Build a Budget

What Can You Fund?

On-Campus Funding Sources

Off-Campus Fundraising