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Event Supplies Checklist

A list of frequently-needed items and services for events, with information about where and how to get them.

Item Where to Get It
Backstage Passes FedEx, TourBadgers, Make Your Own
Barricades Stanford Public Safety
Book Sales Stanford Bookstore
Canopy Off-campus party rental companies
Cash Box and Change OSE for the cash box. Change - FO should request  advance payment from your ASSU account or use personal funds. Better yet, use ASSU Event Brite.
Catering Bon Appetit
Catering CoHo
Catering Stanford Catering
Catering Tree House
Coat Rack Event Services
Contracts OSE  Remember, student orgs cannot sign contracts on their own.
Crowd Control (barricades, stanchions, caution tape) Stanford Public Safety for barricades, ELS for stanchions
Custodial Building & Grounds Maintenance
Emergency Phone List Make your own - use Stanford Emergency Information as a reference.
Events Calendar University Events Calendar
Fire Extinguishers/Fire Retardant Environmental Health and Safety
Flowers, Plants or Banners Event Services
Green Room (waiting room) This varies. Check 25Live. You often have to identify a "green room" for a visiting speaker.
LCD Projector Event Services
Lectern Event Services
Maps (directions to campus and parking) Visitor Information Services
Megaphone OSE (bottom of the page) 
Microphones Event Services
Press (Technical Support) Event Services. Consult with News Service. Remember, public events, by diefintion, must be open to the press.
Nametags Purchase at the Stanford Bookstore or Amazon.
Parking (Reserve Lots) Parking and Transportation. They can also reserve individual spaces for visiting speakers.
Parking Permits Parking and Transportation
Port-a-potties Event Services
Programs/Booklets FedEx
Projector Screen Event Services
Raffle tickets OSE (bottom of the page) 
Recycling Peninsula Sanitary Service
Rooms OSE online Event Registration
Rope (25 ft) OSE (bottom of the page) 
Security, on-campus Department of Public Safety
Signs, Directional Make your own, or contact Stanford Public Safety for large events.
Signs, Easels Events Services.
Signs, Entry Make your own, or contact Stanford Public Safety for large events. Please see pre-determined language in the OSE event folder.
Signs, Reserved Seating Make your own, or contact Stanford Public Safety for large events.
Stage or Platform Event Services
Tables and Chairs Event Services
Table Skirting Event Services or your caterer
Tape, Staplers, Pens Stanford Bookstore or any office supply store.
Thank You Gift Stanford Bookstore or other.
Ticketing: Stanford Ticket Office or Eventbrite  Stanford Ticket Office or ASSU Eventbrite.
Trash cans and bags Event Services work order and ASSU purchase order.
Ushers (Professional) Office of Stanford Events
Videotaping Event Services, or rent from Lathrop Tech Desk
Waivers OSE (bottom of the page) 
Walkie talkies Department of Public Safety or Event Services 
Water Tresidder Express or any grocery store.
Wet umbrella bags & stand OSE (bottom of the page)