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Develop a Plan


  • Who is your audience? Students should be your prime audience but determine if your event is open to just students, those with a SUID or the public.
  • Who is going to help you plan your event? You need a team to assist you in planning.  Develop it early.


  • What does Stanford consider to be a university event? See university policy.
  • Is your program considered a major event? If yes, you must start preparing several months in advance.
  • What do you want to do? Does your event reflect the mission and approved scope of activities from your constitution? 


  • Where do you want to host your event? Go to the book space section to sort through the many options. 


  • Timing can be key.  See OSE's event planning calendar for a list of major events and holidays.  Also note that there are limitations on events at the end of the quarter, see the End-Quarter Policy.


  • Why are you planning the event? Does the event still meet the mission of your organization? Remember, just because your group has done the event in the past, you can reconsider.


  • How are you going to get the work done? Recruit others and seek the advice of university staff and OSE Interns.  Plan early and communicate with your team frequently and clearly.