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Old Union Clubhouse Ballroom

Venue Planning information for registered Voluntary Student Organizations. All information subject to change.

Two examples of ballroom set-ups

Basic Venue Information

Location: Old Union Complex, Clubhouse, 2nd Floor (A3C)
Capacity: 270
Venue Hours: 8 am-12 am
Contact: Managed by A3C (Jerald Adamos) for events M-Th 6 pm-12 am. All other times, Tresidder Meeting Services (Anita Black)
How to reserve: Submit the appropriate room reservation form.
Forms: A3C Form or Meeting Services Form
Schedule: Contact A3C or Tresidder Meeting Services (depending on time of event)
Availability: Medium
Well suited for: Speaker, Performance, Workshop, Party, Banquet


Included Equipment

  • 170 stackable chairs

Floor Plan

Old Union Ballroom Floor Plan. Room size: 34' x 52' with 17' x 17' stage raised 2' from floor.

Example of an event setup:


There is no catering restriction, but Meeting Services must be notified of the vendor.