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Performance and Large Spaces

Following are OSE's top picks for auditoria and similar spaces on campus. Be sure to read about how to reserve space and register your event before you reserve any space.

For additional features and pictures of most rooms see: 25Live.

Large Auditoria

Space Name Capacity Tech Req'd Availability Cost3 Ideal Use Schedule Details
Bishop Auditorium 306 Yes¹ Medium Moderate Speaker 25Live Very small stage (2-3 panelists max). No food allowed.
Braun Auditorium 292 No Medium4 Low


25Live Raised chairs.
Campbell Recital Hall 220 Yes2 Low Moderate Speaker, Performance, Concert Music Calendar Stage & piano available.
CEMEX Auditorium 595 Yes2 Medium4 Moderate Speaker, Film, Performance 25Live Located in Knight Management Center (GSB).
Cubberley Auditorium 390 Yes¹ Low4 Moderate Dance, Film, Speaker, Performance 25Live Some limitations for dance due to small stage size.
Dinkelspiel Auditorium 716 Yes2


High Dance, Speaker, Performance Music Calendar Stage and piano available.
Geology Corner Auditorium, 320-105 242 No High Moderate Speaker, Film 25Live Screen available & no stage.
Kissick Auditorium 99 No Medium Low Lecture, Performance 25Live Raised chairs.

Memorial Auditorium

1714 Yes¹ Extremely low Very high Dance, Film, Speaker, Performance

25Live (see Drama Calendar)

Large stage. Book only if sure of a large audience. Ticketing must be done through SU Ticket Office. Contact OSE for futher info on scheduling.
Nitery Theater 83 Yes Low Moderate Performance Drama Calendar Contact TAPS for details.
NVIDIA Auditorium 342 Yes5 Medium4 High Speaker, Film Contact Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD). Scheduling fee. See SEQ website for special scheduling procedure.
Pigott Hall, 260-113 106 No Extremely low Moderate Film, Speaker 25Live Stage available.
Pigott Theater 150 Yes Low Moderate Dance, Performance Drama Calendar Stage & full tech available. Contact TAPS for details.
STLC 111 300 Yes Medium Medium Speaker, Film 25Live Located in Sapp Center for Teaching & Learning (aka Old Chem Bldg)
370-370 137 No Medium4 Low Film, Speaker 25Live Two screens, easy AV
Hauck Auditiorium 400 Yes Medium High Speaker, Lecture Contact  Located in Traitel Building. See website for details.

Alternatives & Small Auditoria

Space Name Capacity Tech Req'd Availability Cost3 Ideal Use Schedule Details
Roble Theater 75 No High Low


Roble dorm site

Stage and curtains. Roble events have priority.

Note: Not currently accepting outside group reservations due to COVID-19 Protocols.

Elliot Program Center (EPC) 100 No Medium Low Dance
Contact GovCo Housing staff Hardwood floor, with attached rooms for dressing.
Toyon Lounge 100 No High Low Speaker
Contact Toyon staff No stage. Toyon events have priority.
200 - 002 160 No Medium4 Low Film
25Live Large meeting space.
Tresidder Oak East 182 No Medium Low Speaker 25Live Hardwood floor. Movable furniture. Reasonable cost.
420 - 041 185 No Medium4 Low Speaker 25Live  
Gates Computer Science B01 200 Yes5 Medium4 High Speaker 25Live Building locked after 5pm. Scheduling fee.
Tresidder Oak West 200 No Medium Low Dance
25Live Hardwood floor. Some limitations with dance due to stage size.
320 - 105 242 No Medium4 Low Lecture 25Live No stage.
Paul Brest Hall 300 No Medium High

Speaker, Film, Banquet

Contact Large multi-purpose room. Tech, furniture, and labor included.
Clubhouse Ballroom 270 No Medium Low Performance 25Live Small stage. Hardwood floor. Movable furniture. Reasonable cost.
420 - 040 293 No Medium4 Low Speaker 25Live Stage available.
Tresidder Oak 385 No Low Low Speaker
25Live Hardwood floor. Movable furniture. Reasonable cost. See photos and floorplan of the spaceClick to see photos of the space. Oak image 2 Oak image 3 Oak image 4 Oak image 5
McCaw Hall (Alumni Center) 942 No Low Very high Dance
n/a No stage. Must book very far in advance. Capacity varies greatly with layout. View a PDF of the floorplan.
Y2E2 111 66 Yes5 Medium4 Medium  Speaker  25Live  
Vidalakis Dining Hall 325 Yes5 Medium4 High Speaker, Lecture, Banquet Inquiry Form

No stage. Capacity varies with room/layout. Schwab Dining is exclusive caterer.

Li Ka Shing Center (LKSC) Varies No Low High Speaker, Lecture, Film LKSC Inquiry Form Capacity varies with room/space in LKSC. Expect high costs.
Blount Hall 440 No Medium High Speaker, Lecture, Banquet Contact Capacity varies with set up. A/v and furniture included.


  1. The Registrar's Office requires an Event Service technician to be present whenever this space is utlized.
  2. The Music Department requires an approved technician or stage manager to be present whenever this space is utilized.
  3. Please remember that the cost to your group includes both the actual booking cost and the cost of any technical work, which varies based on your event details. Classrooms do not have booking costs, except for SEQ and SCPD classrooms.
  4. Classrooms cannot be booked before 5:15 PM for the first two weeks of the quarter, when class schedules (which take priority) are being confirmed. After that time, the classroom is available whenever its availability chart shows availability.
  5. SCPD technician required to use A/V in this space, which may add cost past Event & Labor Services technicians. Contact OSE for information.