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Leadership Bootcamp

OSE hosts leadership bootcamps every quarter to help student organization leaders stay engaged in their leadeship practices in running a student org.

Fall Leadership Bootcamp "Lite", students will:

  • Share ideas with other student leaders over dinner
  • Touch base about triumphs and challenges this fall
  • Learn about setting SMART goals for your student organization

Winter Leadership Bootcamp "Lite," students will:

  • Gain tips about leadership transition
  • Work on a plan to ensure that your organization has a successful transition process

​​Spring Leadership Bootcamp, students will:

  • Connect with one another and start to establish a cohort/group of students who are in positional leadership within VSOs
  • Learn about leadership best practices that enable the success of their organization such as
    • VSO 101 including the role of an advisor
    • Working with Others (Recruitment, Giving/Receiving Feedback, Motivating Others, Conflict Management, Listening)
    • Managing Finances (Funding, Budgeting (Financial Literacy))
    • Navigating the University (ASSU/OSE,University Policies)
    • Leadership Selection and Transition
    • Diversity and Inclusion in your student organization
    • Decision Making (Values, Mission, Constitution, Inclusion, Stewardship)Navigating the University (ASSU/OSE,University Policies)
    • Begin to understand systemic practices like banking/funding, GrantEd, and event planning