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Student Activities Fair

Horses, and snow, and solar cars, oh my!

Spring Activities Fair

For information about the Spring Activities Fair, please visit the Admit Weekend website.

Fall Activities Fair

The 2019 Fall Activities Fair was on Friday, September 27th. Stay tuned for 2020 fair details.



  • I'm not representing a student organization - can I apply to host a table? The Fair is for registered and fully active VSOs only. Your org must be fully re-registered by September 26th to particpate. 
  • When and where is the event? The event is from 12-4 pm on White Plaza on Friday, September 27. Plan to have at least one officer at the table at all times. 
  • How much does it cost? This year the activities fair is free courtsey of ASSU and SSE. 
  • When is the last day to sign-up? Sunday, September 8 11:59 pm. All student organizations registered in CardinalSync are welcome to participate. Sign-up now for a guaranteed spot. Day-of signs will open at 11 am and will be on a first come, first serve basis. 

Please Note: Your org must be fully registered in CardinalSync to sign-up. Orgs that have not completed registration will NOT be able to participate. See the OSE website for information about re-registering in CardinalSync: 

  • Where do I go once I get there? What does it look like? Over 400 organizations are represented. Leaders should check in by the main entrance to Old Union Courtyard. There will be a sign and a pop-up tent that says "Office of Student Engagement." Check-in begins at 10:30 am. We have a table assigned to and will give you that table number and a map to see where it is located. The exact location of your table will be a surprise until Friday! Tables are organized by category (i.e. religious orgs, academic, service, etc). Tables are 8 feet long.
  • What should my organization bring? Bring whatever you want to decorate, give away, and entice freshman/transfers/other students to attend.  LImited electricity available however, so please, please charge your phones/speakers. Feel free to play music, videos, etc but try not to outplay your neighbor. You can give away food, but it must be individually wrapped and not require refrigeration and/or heating.

*You may not sell stuff at the fair. You'll probably want to think about sign-up lists and promotional materials for your org. A banner is always nice to display.
*Please bring your own tape, stapler, paint, glue guns, wrenches, hammers, nails, etc (Just kidding about the tools, but seriously, we don't have enough of that stuff to go around, so please bring whatever you need to display your items. Obviously, please do not nail/glue things to tables).

  • Who is the target audience? The target audience is primarily undergraduate, though graduate VSOs are welcome to sign-up. Graduate VSOs may want to consider signing up for GOALIE (GOALIE time/day is TBD but will likely be Friday, September 19 12-2 pm,  contact Graduate Life Office (GLO)). The GSB hosts its own activities fair in late Fall.
  • I'm want to have something epic that represents my org; how do I do that? If you have special items or circumstances (you are bringing a horse, a solar car, etc) you must contact Alex Moreno for special permission.
  • What do I do after the fair? Please help us clean up our community afterwards. This is our nice way of saying, you need to clean up after yourselves. Clean up after yourselves or there will be a $40 fee charged to your ASSU account. There will be extra garbage cans, composting, and recycling! Please do your part to be Earth friendly