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Student Activities and Resource Fair

The Winter Student Activities and Resource Fair is a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved in campus life, learn about opportunities and resources, and connect with the diverse student organizations that make Stanford a vibrant and inviting community! The fair will be conducted through an online platform, CampusGroups. Students can sign in using their SUNet IDs. Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited.

  • Wednesday, January 27, 2021 from 3pm – 5pm PST (campus resources/offices only)
  • Thursday, January 28, 2021 from 5pm – 8pm PST (student orgs only)
  • Friday, January 29, 2021 from 5pm – 8pm PST (student orgs only)


Contact Alex at if you have issues logging into CampusGroups.

Read our FAQs for additional details on participation, preparation, and more!


When and where is the Winter Student Activities & Resource Fair?

  • The virtual event will be held through an online platform, CampusGroups, on:
    • Campus Resources: Wednesday, January 27th from 3pm to 5pm PST
    • Student Orgs: Thursday, January 28th and Friday, January 29th from 5pm to 8pm PST
  • Participating student orgs and Stanford offices are highly encouraged to be active on chat and Zoom
  • Students can sign into the fair using their SUNet IDs. Staff, please contact to request access.
  • No portion of the fair will be conducted in-person
  • All orgs, offices and attendees should keep in mind that the event will be conducted on Pacific Standard Time

Who can attend the fair?

  • Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to attend.

I'm an attendee and I can't make the fair - is there still a way for me to learn about all the Stanford orgs and offices?

  • Yes!
  • Attendees will have access to the platform prior to the live event to visit booths, see schedules, and learn about orgs and campus departments ahead of time: pre-event access is all day from Monday, January 25th to Tuesday, January 26th
  • To ensure everyone has an opportunity to learn about all the registered orgs and campus offices, attendees will continue to have access after the live event: post-event access is all day from Saturday, January 30th to Friday, February 5th

Who will be at the Virtual Activities Fair?

  • We expect over 200 student orgs to attend and several campus offices! Visit the platform on January 25th to preview their booths! (Graduate School of Business (GSB) and Law School orgs will not be present. Please contact their offices to learn about involvement opportunities.)

Who can host a booth at the fair?

  • All registered and fully active VSOs and FSL orgs are welcome to participate!
  • All official Stanford offices and departments are invited as well!
  • If you are not representing an OSE registered student organization or Stanford office/department, you cannot host a booth


How much does it cost to host a booth?

  • The fair is free and sponsored by ASSU!

Why should my org participate in the fair?

  • Student orgs consistently serve as an essential source of community for incoming and current students. In a time of online learning, VSOs are now more important than ever. The Virtual Fair is a perfect opportunity for orgs to connect with students, strengthen relationships and foster community

Why should my office participate in the fair?

  • To connect with students and help them find the resources they need to be successful! 

How can my org/office register for the fair?

  • Student Orgs: All OSE registered student organizations and the Presidents, Vice Presidents/Co-Presidents and Financial Officers have been automatically registered to the Fair and are invited to activate and build their booths the week of Monday, January 18th. After signing in to CampusGroups, the 3 authorized officers will have the ability to add additional club representatives to staff their booths
  • Campus Resources: Stanford offices can register here by Wednesday, January 13th and are invited to build their their booths the week of Monday, January 18th

How should student orgs prepare for the fair?

  • Check out this video tutorial on how to customize your org's booth and our best practices guide for staffing a booth at the fair!
  • Advertise that your org will be present at the fair through your newsletters, social media, website, etc.
  • Student leaders: Join the #activities-fair Slack channel in the Stanford VSO Leaders workspace to ask questions or request help!
  • Orgs have freedom to set their own schedule of attendance within the 5pm - 8pm timespan. If your org solidifies its schedule in advance, add the information to your booth to help students map their schedule prior to the fair

How should my office prepare for the fair?

  • If you registered to the fair, we will send you instructions on how to build your booth by January 18th. It's quick and easy!
  • We highly recommend having one person from your office virtually active on chat and Zoom on Resource Day, January 27 from 3pm - 5pm
  • Advertise that your office will be present at the fair through your newsletters, social media, website, etc!
  • Prepare games, activities, giveaways, an elevator pitch, events calendar, and for possible questions.

Who can I contact if I need assistance during the event?

  • Visit OSE staff in the information booth during the live events for help or questions.

I'm a student looking to join a student org, how should I approach the fair?

Do you provide disability related accomodations?

If you need a disability-related accommodation, please contact: Alex Lee at alexa.lee@stanford.eduRequests should be made by Friday, January 22.


*You may not sell anything to students attending the fair

Contact us at with any suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns.