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FSL Community Workgroup Announcement

JUNE 26 2020

The following was emailed to fraternity and sorority leaders and their chapter advisors.

Dear Greek Leaders and Alumni Chapter Advisors,

We write to you today to build on the work set forth in Vice Provost Susie Brubaker-Cole’s email A Future Vision for our Greek System.

We want to thank you and your predecessors who participated in the think tank last May and contributed to the workgroup recommendations. Those recommendations lead to the creation of a transparent and sustainable process for the allocation of Greek houses. The work of the second group examined the accreditation process, currently known as the Standards of Excellence, and those recommendations are being reviewed and incorporated in partnership with Fraternity and Sorority Life professional staff.

We do not need to remind you how much our campus, our work, and our world has changed. What remains constant during these times is our support of you as student leaders and our commitment to an excellent Greek community.

Our pursuit of excellence includes taking the time to reflect and thoughtfully and critically analyze our words and actions to amplify the existing good work of the community, share best practices community wide and address cultural problems that need our collective thinking. For us, excellence involves continuing the work that Susie set forth, and building on the work of these past work groups to address the evolving concerns and aspirations of our campus and our Greek community. 

We are filled with optimism about the opportunities that are in front of us to engage the Greek community on a series of next steps that will move us closer to the exemplary community we all want it to be.

Based on the feedback provided by the think tank, our current climate, and our Alcohol and Other Drug and Campus Climate data, we are launching seven workgroups to be seated this summer, with work that will span through the fall quarter.

Each work group will be co-lead by fraternity and sorority life professional staff in partnership with a campus partner and a student leader. The workgroups will be populated by current Greek student leaders, campus based professionals, and alumni chapter advisors. The topics are as follows: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Recruitment, Intake, and New Member Education; Community Values; Well-being and Flourishing; and Membership Programming, Engagement and Retention; There will also be two Harm Reduction workgroups; one that focuses on alcohol and other drugs while the other focuses on sexual assault and interpersonal violence.

Each group will focus on making recommendations to us for implementation by Fraternity and Sorority Life in partnership with students and alumni advisors. Each group will be charged with putting forward recommendations that are measurable, actionable and rooted in data.

We look forward to hosting a meeting with all of you in the near future to share the initial findings of these groups. You will be hearing from Fraternity and Sorority Life shortly regarding next steps.

We look forward to working with all of you to move our Greek community forward together.


Mona Hicks, Sr. Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Students

Emelyn dela Pena, Associate Vice Provost for Inclusion, Community and Integrative Learning