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The Stanford Fund Partnership Program FAQ

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  • How much funding is awarded each year? The Partnership Program gives out close to $600,000 to eligible student orgs every year. The overwhelming majority of those funds are given out in the Spring application cycle. When possible, a smaller application cycle is administered each Fall to allow newer groups to join the program, but the amounts given out are much smaller.
  • How much money can my organization get? You can request no more than $10,000. However, keep in mind that OSE has to optimize funding  for student groups at large and thus will try to balance funding requests that meet criteria with the resources available. Please see our guidelines for budgeting to see what is generally reasonable for each category and what has been approved in the past.
  • What does applying entail and how does my org do it? Applications occur via GrantEd and are completed by your org’s FO in conjunction with overall leadership. FOs will have to first complete the STARS TSF training learning module, then decide if your org requires funding that meets criteria. Then, draft an application which entails overall budgeting requests and a few application questions. For guidance during this process for funding metrics as well as complying with the funding criteria, you can optionally meet with OSE staff. Then, submit the application prior to the given cycle’s deadline. Your org will then be contacted by the Office of Student Engagement with your application decision. Once you have been approved, the Partnership Program Coordinator will connect with you about program expectations and volunteer opportunities.
  • How can I use my allocated funds? Can I reallocate among existing funding lines? Can I use funding towards something I didn’t initially request? Your funds can and should be used for the purpose designated in your original application and as approved by OSE. If you would like to reallocate funding amongst existing funding lines you can do so without the check of OSE. For allocation towards something not initially requested, just be sure to make sure it meets the criteria and you have a good reason. Then reach out to OSE for approval and you will probably be able to do so. Any proposed uses of old funds must also meet the policies and receive prior approval by OSE. If you are not sure what has been approved, contact OSE for information about your group's activity. Please see criteria for Partnership Program Funding for more specific information.
  • How can I find out how much funding I have? You can see your org’s approved funding on GrantEd, just as you would when checking your other funding lines.
  • How does payment work? After the application cycle and your org receives approved funding, your org’s FO submits requests for reimbursement to GrantEd. When the FO is selecting an expense funding line, instead of the default (ASSU funds), they should choose TSF. Once the request has been submitted, SSE staff will look at your budget and decide if the request fits with what you were approved for.
  • How do I make my volunteer plan? In the weeks following the decision of the allocation of funding, the Partnership Program Coordinator will connect with you about program expectations and volunteer opportunities. They are the best resource for anything volunteering related.
  • Does my funding roll over at the end of the year? Your org’s funding does not roll into the next year so plan to use the entirety of your annual funding within the academic year.
  • I requested and received lots of funding. Partway through the year, I realized I don’t need it all. Can I “give back” some of my money? Ye, contact OSE if you would need to make a modification. 
  • What’s expected of my club if we become a part of the program? Each club will be notified of various volunteer opportunities to participate in throughout the year. Don't worry, The Stanford Fund does most of the coordinating! The Partnership Program Coordinator (from The Stanford Fund) will reach out to you with various volunteer options and your club will have opportunities to sign up and participate.

Explore frequently asked questions regarding the Stanford Fund Partnership Program. 

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