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David Freeland of the L.A. Dance Project teaches a masterclass to Stanford students. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

The Stanford Fund Partnership Program

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The purpose of the Partnership Program is to enhance undergraduate student life and ensure students have the support they need to pursue their passions, give back, and develop new skills. This program is designed to supplement other on-campus funding in lieu of students fundraising externally as well educate students about the power of community.

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The Partnership Program is made possible by The Stanford Fund. Donors such as alumni, parents, and friends to the university make gifts through TSF to make a difference in the lives of Stanford students. TSF serves to expand access and opportunity by providing support for financial aid, undergraduate academics, as well as community resources and student-led organizations.

The Partnership Program distributes and administers TSF funding specifically to student groups in collaboration with the Office of Student Engagement. OSE is responsible for the funding application and access to the funds whereas TSF works with your club once you’ve received your funding to connect your group with donor communities through various volunteer opportunities.

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  • Eligibility.  Student organizations interested in applying should be registered with the Office of Student Engagement and support undergraduate life. Orgs already in the Partnership Program this year are eligible to reapply for funding the next year.
  • Program Expectations. Orgs that receive funding through the Partnership Program will work with the Partnership Program Coordinator to develop a volunteer plan. This plan will outline the various volunteer opportunities that your club can participate in over the course of the academic year. Each club will be expected to participate in various volunteer opportunities throughout the year, regardless of the amount of funding received.
  • Application. Student groups complete an application requesting and detailing funding to OSE through GrantEd. The prime funding period is usually the spring preceding the next academic year.  All funding for the next academic year (fall, winter and spring) should be requested in this application. A modest fall round is available for unanticipated program needs but preference is given to applications submitted in the earlier cycle.
    When are Funds Received? All financial awards are transferred into your ASSU account at the beginning of the academic year even though an organization's volunteer expectations typically take place throughout the year. 
  • Required Training & Orientation. All organizations wishing to apply to the Partnership Program must have their FO complete the STARS training module prior to applying and following approval send at least one representative (preferably two) to a required small group session each round. Even orgs who have previously attended the orientation must re-attend; no exceptions or extensions will be given for this requirement. These small group sessions have been designed this year so that we can better explain the process to you. 

Contact Information

  • There are two departments working together in the Partnership Program
  • Office of Student Engagement: We’re responsible for managing the financial side of this program, such as helping you develop your budget, notifying you of your TSF awards, and approving proposed changes for awards. Questions can be directed to
  • The Stanford Fund: We’re responsible for educating you about the power of community, engaging you in volunteer opportunities, and connecting you with various Stanford communities. Questions can be directed to the Partnership Program Coordinator at Reach out to the Partnership Program Coordinator if you want to learn about volunteer opportunities, TSF fun facts, or need general life advice and moral support.
 CS+Social Good, Team LaborVoices: from left to right, Sophie Ye, Eric Ehizokhale, Nikhita Obeegadoo.  CS+Social Good launched fall of 2015, the course focuses on the intersection of computer science and efforts to make positive social impacts. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

The Stanford Fund Partnership Program Criteria

Should my organization apply?

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The Stanford Fund Partnership Program Application Process

Here you can view deadlines as well as application steps. 

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The Stanford Fund Partnership Program FAQ

Explore frequently asked questions regarding the Stanford Fund Partnership Program.