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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.


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Stanford is not only an academic institution but a residential community, as well. It is the responsibility of all faculty, students and staff to moderate noise especially during an event or activity held on campus. Supporting the mission of the university and respecting those who are studying, researching, or otherwise carrying out academic-related activities is a Stanford priority. Disturbing noise in or around a residence or other campus buildings that infringe on the rights of other residents or members of the university community is considered a violation of this policy. As part of the event planning process, the event sponsor must obtain all appropriate approvals regarding the use of amplified sound during an event or activity. California Penal Code and Santa Clara County ordinances related to disruption of the peace and noise supersede university policy.

  • Amplified sound is not permitted during academic hours in areas that could disturb classes or university businesses.
  • Amplified sound must be significantly curtailed by 10 pm, 7 days a week.
  • On weekdays amplified sound is only permitted in White Plaza from noon to 1 pm.
  • Special arrangements, in writing, are required for student group outdoor events from Office of Student Engagement (OSE).


  • When sponsoring potentially noisy indoor events, only windows and doors that face away from neighbors (who are likely to be disturbed) are opened.
  • Neighbors are notified in advance about large and potentially noisy events and parties, providing them with the name and cell phone information of the event contact person.

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